About Us

S. F. Shields



S. F. Shields works as our primary engineer and handles all of the various things relating to recording, mixing and the day to day things required on any given project. He has two Associate’s Degrees from Broadview Entertainment Arts University; one in Audio Engineering and Music Production, and the other in Sound Design for Visual Media and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree from The Berklee College of Music. He’s an accomplished guitar player and drummer, songwriter and producer that blends the fine art of music together with the precise nature of technology to bring to life the projects that he works on.



Bradly Shorts



Bradly Shorts works in our company as a multi-faceted producer, studio musician, website builder, IT department, bookkeeper, public relations director, media guru and a whole host of other things that our company would fall apart without. He’s always searching for new ways to implement technology to make things easier and faster. It saves us money, and in turn saves our customers money. He has a great gift for hearing people out and fulfilling their needs. He’s currently working on his Associate’s Degree in Computer Science at Salt Lake Community College.

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